Financial strategies that expand your reach

Our funding strategy

Our funding strategy is based on two key principles:

1. Broaden access to capital and liquidity

Over time, we’ve built one of the industry’s broadest and most diverse global funding bases. These multiple sources of financing include bank financings, asset-backed securities and other structured credit markets, export credit and corporate unsecured debt markets both in the US and abroad. We have demonstrated ready access to capital even in cyclical downturns. As a result, airlines can rely on us to provide fleet solutions with stability and flexibility—a powerful combination—and more opportunities to travel farther, faster.

2. Obtain low-cost capital at prudent levels of risk

ACG maintains a disciplined program of asset-liability management with a debt maturity profile oriented towards our long-lived assets. In addition, ACG has successfully shifted to corporate financing consisting primarily of unsecured funding from financial institutions and institutional investors. This funding structure, supported by a highly-diversified – by geography and lessee – pool of young aircraft, strengthens the balance sheet and provides operational efficiency.

Consistently strong performance

Through the financial expertise of our senior management—and the help of financial partners worldwide—ACG has demonstrated financial strength and stability. We have maintained consistent profitability, with increasing operating lease revenues from our growing fleet of owned aircraft, through various economic cycles in the aircraft leasing industry.

Other financial highlights:

  • Operating lease revenue has consistently grown; 2020 revenues were $901 million
  • Pretax income for 2020 was $105 million
  • Consistent profitability since our founding in 1989, through varying economic cycles
  • Investment-grade credit rating:
    Moody’s: Baa2
    S&P: BBB-
    Kroll: A-


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