Your portfolio, expertly managed

Expert management of an aircraft investment portfolio requires a partner with expertise in all aspects of the aviation industry. Amongst a variety of players in our industry, this is what makes ACG stand out:

We understand commercial aviation assets

We know commercial jet aircraft from nose to tail. We have significant experience in acquiring, leasing, and remarketing aircraft throughout their life cycle. In this dynamic market, we also have broad insight into industry trends and developments.

We understand investors

Structuring and managing commercial jet aircraft portfolios is what we do. Our approach is to listen to your needs and goals, then offer solutions that meet those goals over the long term.

We understand financing and risk management

You’re seeking appropriate risk-adjusted returns; our financial acumen informs our own portfolio risk management practices, and our global funding experience helps us deliver customized financing for your portfolio.

We understand what it takes to be successful in our industry

With our in-house, full-service capabilities, we’re experts at the following:

  • Aircraft and asset selection
  • Acquisition of aircraft, including configuration management
  • Aircraft marketing through our extensive global relationships with airlines
  • Ability to successfully complete aircraft delivery and redelivery projects
  • Verification of aircraft maintenance
  • Contracts administration
  • Aircraft reconfiguration
  • Aircraft documentation and data collection
  • Aircraft value analysis
  • Asset optimization, including end-of-life solutions for aircraft and engines

Co-investing opportunities

We also join with investors to form legal entities for the purpose of acquiring aircraft; in these co-investment relationships, our interests and yours as an investor are closely aligned.

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