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ACG’s funding strategy and capital structure ensure a highly adaptable ability to capitalize on market and strategic opportunities as they arise, as well as the flexibility to manage our business efficiently. 

We have a strong, investment grade credit profile which provides us with broad access to a global market of diversified funding sources through financial cycles.  

ACG Financial Reports

2024 First Quarter Financial Statements2024
2023 Annual Financial Statements2023
2023 Third Quarter Financial Statements2023
2023 Second Quarter Financial Statements2023
2023 First Quarter Financial Statements2023
2022 Annual Financial Statements2022
2022 Third Quarter Financial Statements2022
2022 Second Quarter Financial Statements2022
2022 First Quarter Financial Statements2022
2021 Annual Financial Statements2021
2021 Third Quarter Financial Statements2021
2021 Second Quarter Financial Statements2021
2021 First Quarter Financial Statements2021
2020 Annual Financial Statements2020
2020 Third Quarter Financial Statements2020
2020 Second Quarter Financial Statements2020
2020 First Quarter Financial Statements2020
2019 Annual Financial Statements2019
2019 Third Quarter Financial Statements2019
2019 Second Quarter Financial Statements2019
2019 First Quarter Financial Statements2019
2018 Annual Financial Statements2018


DescriptionYear Download
Q1 2024 Investor Presentation2024
Q1 2024 Highlights2024
2023 Deutsche Bank Conference2023

ACG ESG Reports

2023 ESG Report2023
2022 ESG Report2022
2021 ESG Report2021

ACG Funding Philosophy


  • Strategic management of forward liquidity to meet business needs
  • Focus on investment grade credit ratings
  • Active presence in the commercial paper market

Diverse Funding Sources

  • Identify and source opportunities globally
  • Funding innovations across capital markets products (AFS, ABS, ECA)
  • Active dialogue with banks and investors globally monitoring market trends

Asset / Liability Management

  • Risk management culture
  • Actively manage portfolio duration/interest rate risks
  • Appropriate debt maturity ladder

Operating Flexibility

  • Enterprise level funding model
  • Asset decisions independent of financing
  • Enhances execution efficiency

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