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Social Responsibility

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ACG supports diversity, equity and inclusion for all employees. As a global company with a Japanese parent, ACG is proud to have a diverse work force with employees representing more than 15 nationalities. With a female Chairperson and a work force comprised of approximately 40% female employees, ACG continues to be committed to diversity and offering equal opportunities to all.  

ACG provides various types of training and development programs, including mandatory anti-harassment training for all employees.  ACG strives to create a workplace environment where employees treat each other with mutual respect and encourage different perspectives while embracing one another’s differences. 

Charities & Communities

ACG proudly supports various charitable organizations and encourages its employees to give back to the community, whether by volunteering their time or through charitable donations.  ACG has a “Charitable Matching Program” that provides a monetary match of 100% of an employee’s donation (up to a specified limit) to qualified charities of the employee’s choice.   

ACG regularly organizes community service opportunities for its employees including internal donation drives to support Movember and local soup kitchens, collecting and distributing gifts for children in need during the holidays, writing Valentine’s Day cards to children at St. Jude’s hospital and beach clean-ups.  

Since 2008, ACG has participated every summer in the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure”. Our team, ACG’s Flying Aces, raises meaningful donations through several activities to help make a substantial impact in breast cancer research and resources in our community.  

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