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ACG is focused on expanding access to the most fuel-efficient, new technology commercial aircraft.

We listen carefully to our airline customers’ challenges and goals, and work with them to design and implement unique fleet solutions to successfully deliver or finance the right aircraft assets into their fleet.  Through each step of the lease transaction, we bring a high level of experience and creativity which our customers have come to rely upon.  

ACG Global Marketing Team


Marine Benoit

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Claudio Cheinquer

Europe & CIS

Cherlene Chua

Asia & South Pacific

Don Healy

Europe & Africa

Laura Lu

Alan Mangels Edited

Alan Mangels

North America

Yong Ren Ng


Armando Belchior Nunes

Latin America
XU, Michael - 01 (1)

Michael Xu


Aircraft Financing Solutions

ACG’s Aircraft Financing Solutions (“AFS”) program offers our airline customers competitive aircraft financing terms and access to additional sources of capital for their aircraft purchases.  Under the AFS program, we arrange, structure and execute the entire financing package for an airline.  We support the financing either by offering a repayment guarantee to a funding commercial lender or by directly lending into the transaction.   

The AFS program was established in March 2018 and continues to evolve as we develop additional innovations with our banking partners to provide competitive aircraft financing for our airline customers.   

Our AFS Team

Vicente Alava Pons

Vicente Alava Pons

Managing Director, AFS


ACG has a dynamic trading platform, facilitating quick and efficient discretionary investment via the secondary trading market, while delivering optimized portfolio management though a broad array of divestment channels. 

ACG’s discretionary investments complement our direct manufacturer orderbook and sale-leaseback transactions.  

ACG targets divestments to actively manage portfolio risk across the spectrums of asset type, age, and lessee credit:  

  • Opportunistic and cyclical dispositions of younger aircraft and portfolio sales 
  • Mid-life portfolio management via the ABS and other channels  
  • End of life asset management via freighter conversion and part-out 

Our Aircraft Trading Team

NALLY, John - 06

John Nally

Vice President,
Head of Aircraft Trading

Sylvia Li

Vice President,
Aircraft Trading
Gray - C.Brewer - Adjusted 9.20.2021

Cory Brewer

Assistant Vice President,
Aircraft Trading

Asset Management

Expert management of an aircraft investment portfolio requires a servicer with expertise in all aspects of the aviation industry.  Our global operating lease platform with in-house, specialized knowledge in every facet of acquiring, managing and financing aircraft enables us to provide comprehensive asset management services.  All managed aircraft are subject to the same thorough procedures as our own fleet. 

Our aircraft management business can afford us the opportunity to sell aircraft from our portfolio to third parties or joint ventures while continuing to manage the aircraft and, in some cases, maintaining an investment interest in the assets. 

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